This professional hot high pressure washer is the new generation of the 1012XHA, The 10012XHA benefits from a larger pump, double lipped high pressure seals, oversized ball bearings, ceramic pistons and a machine protection system! Extra features include a high pressure chemical, on board water softener tank (for pump protection), low fuel light/control, flame control, micro leakage control, dry running protection and intelligent auto cut off! This machine fits well with the agriculture and the haulage/transport industry, providing 8 hours (recommended) a day continuous or stop/start use. Being an EAGLE it has been built with extra heavy usage in mind and all of the main components are over engineered to obtain the utmost reliability. Not only has the 10012XHA been built to withstand extreme conditions, it also has the latest machine safety systems to provide further reliability!


Pressure - 100 (BAR)

Flow - 720 L/H


Chemical Application - High Pressure

Chemical Tank - Yes

Pump Type - Long Life Cranked

Pistons - Ceramic

Head - Brass

Valves - Stainless Steel

Boiler - Stainless Steel

Auto Stop - Delayed Stop

Thermostat - Yes

Anti Scale Tank - Yes

Max Temperature - 135'c

Lance - Single Stainless Steel

Voltage - 240V