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Bug Remover
Spray directly onto helmets, visors, screens and headlights, this product quickly softens dried on bugs and flies, wipe with a clean cloth or disposable paper roll.
Apply sparingly to clean, dry surfaces cloth or sponge. After one hour the finish will be rain resistant. After 24 hours the finish will be fully cured. Only suitable for exterior plastic trim.
Bike Wheels
Caustic based aluminium wheel cleaner and brake dust remover. Apply with a brush or low pressure spray. Allow time for activation then rinse thoroughly with high pressure water.
Bike Amore
A durable, easy to use premium bike and car polish. Contains carnauba wax for a high gloss, long lasting , durable, detergent resistant finish. Suitable for new and used cars
Bike Revive
An easy to use polish with a mild cut to restore lightly faded paintwork. Containing a blend of waxes including carnaunba wax to give a deep long lasting shine, resilient and detergent resistant.
Suitable for all cleaning tasks.
Ideal for cleaning painted surfaces, vinyl, plastics and glass. Removes flies, traffic film remover and nicotine stains. Superb manual carpet and upholstery cleaner. Can be used as a pre-spoter
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Bike Remove
A special solvent which quickly removes residue of most types of adhesives and sealants used in the motor industry. A particularly effective tar remover for wheels and bodywork.
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