Detailing Spray
A finishing spray to put the final shine on a freshly detailed vehicle. Removes fingerprints, dust, blemishes, dressing over-spray etc. Contains a light duty cleaner to remove surface dirt and grime and bring back that just polished shine between washes.
Supreme Plastic Dressing
Extremely hard wearing and long lasting plastic dressing. After being applied sparingly, this dressing cures in just 1 hour, giving that brand new trim finish. This product is only suitable for exterior trims, can be applied using a clean sponge or cloth
Lemon Snow Foam
This is a premium foaming solution, containing a finishing gloss treatment. It is a powerful cleaner but contains no caustic or harmful chemicals and will easily clean and leave a premium gloss finish. Perfect for the professional
Revitalise is a wipe on liquid dressing specially formulated for interior use. It will enhance the appearance of dashboards, fascias and vinyl, plastic, wood trims, and any other polished surfaces , leaving a long lasting silky finish.
Glass Cleaner
A specially formulated silicone free cleaner which will leave all times of glass looking crystal clear. Apply using a misting spray bottle, then wipe with soft polishing cloth
Bug Remover
Spray directly onto helmets, visors, screens, and headlights. This product quickly softens dried on insects, wipe away with a clean cloth or paper roll
Tyre shine
A superior versatile tyre dressing formulated to restore a smooth original appearance to tyres and exterior trims. Tyre shine may also be used on hoses and other rubber and plastic components.
Bumper Shine
A unique blend of solvents, waxes and oils, for restoring plastic trim, bumpers and vinyl etc. For an as new appearance.
Car bath shampoo
Can be used manually, or with a foam lance or brush wash machine.
Excellent foaming, loosens dirt, lubricates brushes, environmentally friendly, low PH and not hazardous.
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Ultra Shine
A durable easy to use premium car polish. Contains carnauba wax for a high gloss, long lasting, durable , detergent resistant finish.
Second Shine
An easy to use polish with a mild cut to restore lightly faded paint work. Containing a blend of waxes including carnauba wax to give a deep long lasting resilient and detergent resistant shine.
Tar And Glue Remover
A special solvent which quickly removes residues of most types of adhesives and sealants used in the motor industry. A particularly effective tar remove for wheels and bodywork
Car Bath & Shield
A concentrated vehicle shampoo which includes a special blend of waxes. Suitable for manual or automatic application.
This is a special blend of wetting agents and alcohol that is used for rapid removal of grime from windscreens. It will also help clear frost and ice from windscreens during the winter months.
This product has been specially formulated to provide a labour saving solution for the rapid, safe clearing of frost and ice. This product contains special additives to clean road film etc from windscreens.
Cherry Car Bath
This is a premium car bath containing a finishing gloss treatment. It is a powerful cleaner but contains no caustic or harmful chemicals and will easily clean and leave a premium gloss finish with a cherry fragrance.
Alloy Wheel Cleaner ( Ali Clean)
This is a caustic based aluminium wheel cleaner. Perfect for removing dried on brake dust and road grime. Apply using a brush and allow time to work, then rinse on when finished.
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