4 Wheels Only
Shampoo, Cleaners, Polish and Winter Care
2 Wheels Only
Shampoo, Leather Care, Polish , Chain Lubricants, Bike Blankets and Scratch Repair
Industrial Chemicals
Cleaners, de-scalers, de-greasers, penetrating sprays, WD & Pen oils & Rock Salts
Soaps & Cream
Hand Gels, Barrier Creams, Hand Driers, and Anti-Bacterial Soaps
Janitorial Cleaning
Sprays, wipes, cleaners, gloves & aprons, drain cleaners & bleach, dog bin liners, air fresheners, disinfectants, acid cleaner
Hard Floor & Carpet
Cleaners, floor polish, odour remover, anti foam additives, mops & buckets, gels & finishes
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Company No. 3678088