EAGLE 20015XahA

THE EAGLE 20015XAHA is what we believe to be the best & most reliable 415v machine around! This is from EAGLE's Xtra range meaning extra heavy duty, this range is built for 8-9 hours (recommended) continuous or stop/start use! The 20015XAHA comes as standard with  high pressure chemical, on board water softener tank (for pump protection), TOTAL delayed stop, ceramic stop valve gun, 2 large "off road" wheels and robust steel chassis. We find that this machine is preferred for the haulage and industrial sectors however, any industry can benefit from this great machine! Being an EAGLE it is fitted with a professional cranked piston pump to supply 200bar pressure at 900 litres per hour! This EAGLE is built to work all day every day, fitted with long life textile seals, 3 ceramic pistons, stainless steel valves, stainless steel boiler, flame control, on board header tank and final control stop!



Valves - Stainless Steel

Boiler - Stainless Steel

Auto Stop - Final Control Stop

Thermostat - Yes

Anti Scale Tank - Yes

Max Temperature - 140'c

Lance - Single Stainless Steel

Voltage - 415V

Pressure - 200 (BAR)

Flow - 900 L/H


Chemical Application - High Pressure

Chemical Tank - Yes

Pump Type - Cranked

Pistons - Ceramic

Head - Brass