The 430B is a fantastic machine that is capable of cleaning large areas whilst still being fairly compact. These machines are hand built to ensure quality and reliability are the number one factor for the EAGLE range. With a huge range of accessories and brushes this scrubber drier can tackle any floor! The 430B also has intelligent waste water monitoring ensuring you don't overfill the tank and damage the machine.

Areas that are ideal for the 430B are:

  • School halls

  • Kitchens

  • Corridors

  • Swimming Pools

  • Large Workshops

  • Hospital Hallways

  • and many more!


Dimensions (mm) - 1110x480x1090

110 Minute Run Time

Intelligent waste water management as standard!

Scrub With - 430mm

Waste Tank - 45L

Detergent Tank - 45L

Power - 24v (BATTERY)

Brush Motor - 400w

Vacuum Motor - 480w

Brush Pressure - 30kg

net weight - 67kg