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Premium TFR with added Wax
For use in conjunction with high pressure cleaning equipment, a TFR with added wax for protection between washes.
Cement and Concrete Remover
This can be used for cleaning and restoring masonry surfaces. It will not stain or burn if used at the appropriate dilution. it can be used for removing rust corrosion and deposits from ferrous metals, pipes, tubes and cleaning urinals, boiler descaling and metal pickling.
Acid Drain Cleaner
Ideal for use in sports and leisure centres, hotels, restaurants food factories, abattoirs, etc. This product can be used for cleaning organic blockages in toilets, drains, showers and sinks.
Traffic Wash
An industrial traffic film remover and de-greaser detergent. Ideal for pressure washer application at 1% to 5%
Chassis Wash Detergrent
A heavy duty alkaline detergent suitable for rapid removal of oil and grease from engines, chassis and heavy plant. Can be used with pressure washers at 1% to 2%
Fusion 25
This is a concentrated traffic film remover. 5 litres will make 25 litres. Ideal for use with pressure washers.
Master Clean
A triple concentrated traffic film remover. This has concentrated cleaning power, easily removing stubborn dirt and grime. It contains a rinse aid for a shiny finish and is ideal for paintwork , chassis and engine bays. Contains a excellent de-greasing properties.
BIO Traffic Wash
TFR 300 is used for cleaning all traffic grime off all surfaces. It is a vehicle cleaner, but can also be used on concrete and brick work.
Patio and Decking Cleaner
This product is a safer way to clean patio and decking areas than the conventional acidic cleaners. It quickly removes mosses and lichens. It is non corrosive and virtually non toxic. This product will remove algae and bacteria from cooling systems , heat exchanges, filter beds, and any static or circulating water systems.
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