EAGLE have developed and enhanced the PURESTEAM steamer machine to now allow the use of detergents with the 180'c steam. 2018 brings the brand new PURESTEAM C, this model has been designed to deliver all the power of the pure steam with the added feature of chemical injection to the steam flow. A membrane pump infuses the outgoing steam flow with detergent, allowing for effective chewing gum and heavy duty dirt removal. The PURESTEAM C is fantastic at removing graffiti and cleaning decorative stones. Adding the option of a tiny generator the PURESTEAM C can be a fully mobile unit, ideal for car detailing and shop front cleaning.

(EAGLE recommends the use of their own cleaning detergents or non corrosive detergents with neutral pH)


Pressure - 9 (BAR)

Steam Flow - 42 kg/H

Working Hours - 8/DAY

Chemical Application - Yes

Chemical Tank - Yes

Pump Type - Long Life

Steam Temperature - 180'c 

Heating time - 4 Mins (approx)

Valves - Stainless Steel

Boiler - Large Water Jacket 

Auto Diagnosis - Yes

Thermostat - Yes

On Board Chemical Tank - Yes

On Board Diesel Tank - Yes

Outputs - Twin (4 users max)

Voltage - 240V


eagle@eagleblue.co.uk - 01954206500

Company No. 3678088